Gymnema Sylvestre Side Effects

Introduction To Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is a well-known dietary supplement that can potentially help you lower blood pressure and lose weight. However, as with all things that do good, there are some side effects. When you take Gymnema Sylvestre you could potentially lower blood sugar, raise blood pressure, and liver intoxication. When taking Gymnema you have to keep in mind that it is not a well researched drug and all the side effects are not yet known. Gymnema is not near as scary as it seems to be. In fact it has worked it’s magic on several people already and it could work that same magic on you to help you lower your blood pressure and lose weight. There are always going to be side effects to every drug, but they are only a chance of a chance.

Gymnema Side Effects

The major side effects of Gymnema Sylvestre are raising blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, and liver intoxication. Raising blood pressure could be a problem if you are diabetic or have a history of high blood pressure. Lowering blood sugar could be a good thing to some people and potentially help them. However, lowering blood sugar dramatically is never a good thing and can lead to potential further health risks such as shaking, feeling jittery, loss of sleep, confusion, and loss of muscle control. These would all be a risky venture and would be ill advised to anyone. The major problem of Gymnema would be the liver intoxication. This would lead to several harmful risks and would be the biggest impact of all the side affects. Side effects are only a chance as with any drug. These side affects are not at all guaranteed upon usage of Gymnema Sylvestre. The percentage of people who actually recieve these side affects upon usage is very low.

Why Use Gymnema Sylvestre?

You may be asking yourself why you would use such a product as Gymnema if it has all these side effects. The reason is because these side effects are not prone to happening in a large majority of the tests and usages among people. When you take your Gymnema Sylvestre you will have a very small chance of recieving even one of these side effects. You will most likely experience a fine interaction between your body and Gymnema. It is one of the newest and best ingredients for dietary supplements and lowering blood pressure. It is very natural and will help your body to increase the fat burning process and produce more insulin within your pancreas. Gymnema Sylvestre is a great product and would be highly recommended to all.

Is Gymnema Sylvestre Very Risky?

Gymnema Sylvestre is one of the least risky dietary supplements out there today. This product is safe for a large majority of the public. There is virtually no risk to anyone, the side effects only showed up in a very small percentage of any test. Most people are a bit sketchy about dietary supplements as a whole, but really there is no need for any worry with Gymnema Sylvestre. Gymnema Sylvestre is no more dangerous than any other dietary supplement and may even in fact be less risky.

Conlcusion On Gymnema

Gymnema Sylvestre has risks and side effects just like any other dietary drugs out there. However, the side effects are a very low risk and almost never happen. Gymnema helps lower blood pressure and lose weight. Gymnema Sylvestre is definetely on the rise today and will soon be the next top number one seller of all dietary supplements. To conclude, if you are interested in Gymnema Sylvestre it is definetely worth the try.

  1. Elma Lazarus


    1. Claudia Dollerd

      I had good results with Gymnema Sylvestre at 200 mg. I am diabetic. I’m trying 1000 mg and will monitor B/P and blood glucose. Dr wants me to try Trulicity which has bad side effects. I’d rather something natural.

  2. ahmed

    it is a magic drug. makes you feel like a 16 years old. energetic and more over you dont rush to the food table like a hungry kitten. and the best you start reducing your belly. dont give up your meds watch your levels and start reducing when this drug gives you a lot of support.
    Dono about others But
    I felt great 16 at 61

  3. Roger

    Gymnema raised my blood pressure by 20-30 mm Hg. Accordingly, I stopped taking it.

  4. Carol

    The same happened to me, Roger. It raised the diastolic especially. Why would anyone suggest this for lowering blood sugar if they know it can raise blood pressure. These are two sides of the same coin: heart disease.


    Kindly guide gurmar dose.
    Diabetic since 4 years.
    Taking Amaryl M2 MORNING, AND ALSO NIGHT.
    Devinder kumar

  6. Roy Wilson

    Can i take gynmena sylvestra 500 mg along with ceylon cinammon 2 600 mg

  7. Roy Wilson

    Can i take gynema Sylvestre 1 x500 mg along with 2 x 600 mg of ceylon cinnamon tabets daily to reduce blood sugar.

  8. Bluestorm

    It raised blood sugar and blood pressure so I quit taking it

  9. talama

    I was hospitalized due to infection, can you imagine because of infection blood and kidneys, the Blood sugar stays high very high in spite of being injected with doses of insulin. I had no appetite,
    All I was told my blood sugar will be high as a result. I was treated for 3 weeks with with anti biotics,. Still Anything I seems to eat or drink sends the glucose level so high. I rarely get a reading of 5.4
    So worth getting the Kidneys and blood tested for bacteria, fungus, mucus, yeast, allergy, cystistics, inflammation , nitrate, protein in the urine, and so on. Once you get the toxins clear from your body. then the herbs or medication will show improved result of blood glucose level. I find that keeping busy 4 to 5 hours a day is one of the best medicine to keep blood sugar low.

  10. Naval kishore

    I haveTaken gurmar leaves 6 days. can it effect on liver problem like hepatitis b and jaundice.

  11. Gloria

    I had a kidney transplant 2 years ago. I developed a UTI a month ago. My blood sugar has been between 180-200 since I’ve been sick. Is it wise to try gymnema?

  12. Josie Loya

    to Gloria No Do not medicate yourself Stick to your doctors advice and be safe.

  13. tommycro

    I am worried about this:The major side effects liver intoxication. The major problem of Gymnema would be the liver intoxication. This would lead to several harmful risks and would be the biggest impact of all the side affects. I will try to use it but with a tea, 1 cup /day /1 small teaspoon of dried lieves, Its important to begin with very small doses and slowely increasing if you dont have any sideeffects, should be monitoring blood pressure and glucose levels daily.

  14. Amarjit

    Iam taking several medications such as :
    metformin500mg twice a day
    Folic acid
    Methotrexate and anti TNF injection
    Is it wise for me to take 900mg Gurmar capsule once a day after foodie the morning or afternoon .
    Please advise. Thanks

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